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Just A Little Advice: Transportation


November 7, 2019

While maybe not the detail of wedding planning you’ve been dreaming about since getting engaged, transportation is one of the most important elements of the big day. Unless you’re getting married within walking distances from the hotels (looking at you downtown C’ville!) chances are your guests are going to have travel. Instead of letting them fend for themselves we always recommend our couples make arrangements as the wedding hosts. Besides, transportation is the first and last impression you and your guests will have surrounding the events – so we want to make it a good one. Given the timing and special details of the day, wedding transportation is often broken down into three categories: couple, wedding party and family, and guests.

  • Couple: Think about a) how you want to get to/from your venue but also b) if you want any photos of a special moment. Often couples will use a bus or sedan on the front end but hire something extra for their departure like a vintage limo, golf cart, carriage or gator (farm weddings always need a gator!).
  • Wedding party and family: Since they’ll need to be on hand for prep and photos earlier than most, you’ll need to think about the logistics involved for getting these distinguished guests everywhere they need to be. Minibuses or party buses are often our pick for wedding party and family travel!
  • Guests: No matter if your wedding is for 50 or 500, transporting guests from point A to point B and back again will take some logistical planning. Coaches. Luxury charters. Minibuses. Refurbished school buses. The options are varied! But when deciding the manner of transport it isn’t always as simple as the most cost effective route. There are lots of factors to consider – Does your venue have space to park a charter bus? Are there any steep grades to account for? Do any guests have ADA needs? Are there any low clearance or one lane bridges along the route? And so on… It’s always best to do a dry run of the route from the hotels to the venue and back and include the transportation team early in planning. It’s the best way to guarantee everyone has a good time and arrives safe and sound!

Photo by Meg Runion